If you’re reading this you’re definitely looking for us right now…When you work with Pre-foreclosure loans, you perform directly with some of the most dedicated and experienced functionary in the industry. We focus on hard money lending, residential lending and mortgage brokers.

Hard Money Loan Programs

  • Prior bankruptcy
  • No income authentication
  • Corporations, trusts, individuals, estates, partnerships.
  • Bridge loans applied for types of single family homes, condominiums, townhouses, co-ops, multifamily homes, lands, etc..
  • Industrial loans for a mixed usage of purposes, offices, hotels, multi family, retail, industrial and special purposes.
  • Abstract against a property which is listed for vending nor currently on non-emittance.
  • Cashing out up to 70% loan to value.
  • Providing a national wide amenity.
  • A flexible prepayment service.
  • No upfront fees.
  • Validation of documents with minimal credit score where concentration is based solely on the property.
  • An adaptable interest rates relying on the transaction..
  • We value you and your property.
  • We understand your need and how integrated communications work.
  • To seek a honest real estate expert.
  • An identified industrial principal.
  • Quick in process and execution.
  • We permit an approval which is of no rigidity.